Lactosone - Ideal supplement for pregnancy and lactation
Lactosone - Ideal supplement for pregnancy and lactation
Lactosone - Ideal supplement for pregnancy and lactation
Lactosone - Ideal supplement for pregnancy and lactation


Ideal supplement for pregnancy and lactation

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  • An ideal supplement to promote proper milk secretion in lactating mothers
  • Enhances hormonal balance and fetus development
  • Promotes milk release in new mothers
  • Helps to overcome fatigue and tiredness in mothers
  • Ideal to start from the third trimester of pregnancy

Making the phase of motherhood, happy and healthy

Breastfeeding is particularly advantageous because of its nutritional, immunologic, and psychological benefits. The bonding that is established through breastfeeding is also advantageous to building the parent-child relation. Our product improves the body functioning of mothers during their breastfeeding phase and ensures that their health is in great condition.


1 capsule twice a day with water after meals or as directed by a physician.

Made with

Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Bhuikohala, Anantamul


Shatavari is the most powerful galactagogue. Sometimes, nursing mothers cannot produce enough breast milk after childbirth. Such a consequence can be prevented if pregnant women take Shatavari extract in the later stage of the pregnancy. It prepares the mother's body for the production of a sufficient amount of breast milk. It has been found that it stimulates the release of two important components, namely prolactin and corticoids, which are mainly responsible for improving both the quality as well as quantity of breast milk. There are also pieces of evidence that suggest that it also promotes the secretion of steroid hormones that can increase breast weight and ensure a higher yield of breast milk.


Ashwagandha’s ability to act as a mood stabilizer and improve resistance to stress is well-researched. Ashwagandha depresses the central nervous system, causing relaxation.


As per Ayurveda, it is a good nutrient, energizer, and aphrodisiac. It is sweet, galactagogue, spermatogenic, cooling, greasy, diuretic, and calms burning sensations in the body. Bhuikohala has emmenagogue, significant oestrogenic and progesteronogenic activities with no toxicity. It is highly effective in dysmenorrhoea, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, and menopausal syndrome. It improves the quality and quantity of breast milk. Bhuikohala increases serum prolactin level and thereby increases lactation.


The root of this plant is administered to help the body to cool down. It stabilizes the body system and makes the person become peaceful. It gives instant energy and makes the person brisk and agile. It can neutralize the abnormal acid secretions and make the stomach normal again. Thus, Anantamul is useful for treating stomach ulcers, severe gastritis, and ulcerative colitis.

Disclaimer - The result of the product may differ from person to person and the result is not guaranteed.

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Lactosone - Ideal supplement for pregnancy and lactation

Rs. 720.00