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Nisarga Herbs Organic Farms

With Nisarga’s commitment to organic farming, we have trained around 15000-20,000 farmers every year for the past 25 years on how organic farming practices are implemented and the benefits of organic farming over conventional farming.

The farm in Umbari is up in the mountains near the famed Kaas Plateau which is also known for its tiger reserve. Up in this mountain range, we have a 15-acre farm where turmeric and ginger are mainly grown. It also has large biodiversity of herbs and trees which have multiple uses in Ayurveda. Our botanical gardens and forest planting has resulted in the farms being home to around 400 different herbs.

The farm in Nitral is on the backwaters of the Parali dam and its 10-acre field has a small botanical garden along with a variety of crops like shatavari, ashwagandha, turmeric, ginger, brahmi, gotukola and other ayurvedic herbs that are grown there. 

The farms are fertilized by our cows and have been certified organic by Ecocert, France for several years now.

Both farms hire local labour to support the surrounding community and also to give back while providing them with opportunities to better their livelihood. Continuous education is imparted to local farmers through experiments in our farms to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the land and to encourage and implement innovations in the area.

Nisarga is tied up with GGF (Global Green Grants Fund) and Award that is a local social development organisation. Through this involvement, Nisarga has helped the two villages near the farm with water storage, bringing drinking water to their doorsteps. Earlier, women had to walk 6 km each way during the summers and winters to bring potable water to their homes. This resulted in wastage of time that they could use to do something else. Due to this initiative, women have not just saved a lot of time but also, with Nisarga’s help, have started kitchen gardens that have led to healthy haemoglobin counts as compared to before and shown remarkable improvement in their health. Currently, we are also working on providing storage options, small dams, and lakes so water can be stored for cultivation as well as increase the groundwater level to help in the overall farming practice.

IMO Switzerland certifies Nisarga for life. Due to our social activities and treatment of all stakeholders involved, the agency certifies that everyone is treated with the respect and consideration deserved.