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Harnessing the Good Ol’ Goodness of Nature
Harnessing the Good Ol’ Goodness of Nature

For centuries, herbs have been used to eradicate the ailments of humankind. At Nisarga Herbs, we imply the same good old practice, but give it a modern edge.

By extracting the holistic essence of herbs with our revolutionary technology, we produce supplements that help people fight their most formidable problems, naturally. And while we do it, we practice utmost care. From choosing only the finest of ingredients to having our watchful eye throughout, we ensure toxins-free and top-quality products that only do good to you. So with Nisarga Herbs, enrich your life with ancient remedies, made even better, safer, and purer with new-age technologies.

Nisarga Herbs: Making good, better.

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I have been taking Respirade for a year now. Since taking this medicine, I have not had any allergic cold or seasonal flu. I believe this medicine is so crucial for a strong immune system that I have introduced daily intake of Respirade for all 100 people in my company.

Ajit V Bartakke

I have been facing acne issues for a long time. My friend recommended this product called Neem capsules by Nisarga Herbs. I have been using it for 4 months and I can see a huge difference in my skin. My acne has dramatically reduced up to the point of being acne-free.

Shrutika Dhanawade

I used to take 3 tablets a day for sugar control after I was diagnosed with diabetes post COVID. I started taking Regu-G every day as a result of which I have gone down from 3 tablets to 1 tablet a day in 2 months. I monitor sugar at home every day and it is still within normal range despite cutting back on allopathic medication.

Salil Kulkarni

I believe that the efficacy of herbs depends largely on the quality of raw herbs, its processing based on the wisdom of ancient Shastra and the availability of a broad spectrum of constituent elements. At Nisarga Herbs, all above stages of product formulation appear to have been practiced. I trust the overall quality of herbal products and intend to use these for my personal needs.

Govind Vaidya

When I first started taking a regular dose of Usha and Nisha capsules about 7 years ago, I was not aware of the benefits I was going to get. Within 15 days, I started feeling fresh. It also healed my perforated ear which surgery hadn’t fixed. Feeling healthy and improved immunity as well.

Ramdas Joshi

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Nisarga” means nature in Sanskrit and that is the core philosophy of what we do. We bring the best herbs that our nature has to offer and use modern technologies to bring the best of botanical actives that can help in managing health as well as prevent or delay health conditions as we age.

Nisarga Herbs has its own 50 acre farms where turmeric, ginger, Ashwagandha, long pepper, Shatavari, Amla, Gotukola are grown. Since not all herbs and plants can grow in one place, we also have a network of 2,00,000 farmers across India where we source herbs from.

Nisarga herbs products are manufactured in GMP conditions and all ingredients used come from a US FDA audited facility. the product is tested and evaluated at every step of the way. The raw material goes through 10 different tests of purity before it is used in manufacturing and the finished extracts are tested for microbial contamination, heavy metal and solvent residues to ensure that only the botanical actives intended for your health go into the body.

Almost all Ayurvedic brands in India either use raw herbs or water extracts in powder form to make tablets and capsules. They even use these in syrups and massage oils. At Nisarga Herbs, we have developed a technology where first the oil soluble actives are removed from the raw material and then the herb undergoes water extraction. The oil soluble actives are then re-added to the powder water extract so you get the full profile of the raw material actives but in a very concentrated form. We also use only vegetarian capsules in all our capsule products and vegetable glycerin in liquid products.

Vegetarian capsules are made from cellulose and are faster dissolving and give better absorption in the body. They are also more expensive than gelatin based capsules. Since it is 100% vegetarian, it can be used by people of all faiths and vegans as well.

Gelatin itself is derived from animal bones, cartilage and tendons boiled at high temperature and pressure. so yes, gelatin capsules are animal based and may not be suitable for people of all faiths and beliefs or vegetarians. Gelatin capsules are also harder to digest and may cause issues in people with compromised digestive system.
What is gelatin made of?

Raw herbs have been traditionally used in Ayurveda for thousands of years. There is nothing wrong in using raw herbs actually. The main problems are absorption in the body, bioavailability and palatability. Most Ayurvedic raw herbs are very bitter or strong tasting and they have to be consumed in large proportions over an extended period of time to show real results.

Consumption of Ayurvedic herbs in large doses can sometimes lead to loss of appetite and may be a cause of other health issues. Imagine eating 10 different herbs in large doses daily, you wouldn’t have the appetite to eat anything else!

The principle of holistic Ayurveda is to consume the herb in its full form so you get all the active constituents in the herb that can work towards healing your body. In water extracts, you only get the water soluble actives. Although they have their own activity, their absorption in the body is limited and you need larger more frequent doses for results.

When we mix the oil actives to the water extract, we use oil soluble actives as a coating on our water extracts to help improve their absorption in the body and deliver the water extracts into the cell.The first layer of human cell is lipid (oil based) in nature.Since our extracts have lipid in it, it is easily absorbed into the body and starts working faster. The body can recognize that the ingredient coming in is food and is readily absorbed, assimilated and metabolized. Human body also has a tendency of absorbing fat soluble ingredients in the body faster.

The main point that needs to be understood is that the body heals itself and we have to provide it with the tools that can help the body in self-healing. Most allopathic medicines are targeted molecules to work on certain chemical processes in organ systems or provide symptomatic relief. They mostly may not treat the root cause of the health issue.

For example, when we take a painkiller, the actives in the medicine dull your nerve endings and stop the pain signals from going to the brain. This leads for us to believe that the medicine has worked.But the root cause of why the body was giving pain signals remain untreated and may lead to increased severity or additional problems in the future.

Like we answered above, Ayurvedic medicines treat the root cause of the disease and not provide symptomatic relief. Human body is a very complex system and it takes time to completely heal and correct a systemic issue. Ayurvedic medicines are not targeted molecules for symptom relief but a holistic system of wellness.

The product has to reach a certain concentration in the body to correct imbalances and then work on the root cause. I would recommend you schedule a doctor’s consultation and then follow the doctor’s instructions when taking Nisarga Herbs products. Certain dietary, lifestyle changes are also required to speed up the healing process.

You can click on the link and set up a free doctor consultation. The doctor will call you at the earliest. They will take your history, understand your issue, study your reports if any and then suggest the correct line of treatment. Based on our experience in the last 25 years, we have a generic recommendation for all our products on the recommended duration of use for good results. But based on your health issues, the duration may differ.

You are always welcome to come and visit our lab, facility and farms in Satara, Maharashtra. We are a very transparent brand and you are always welcome to come visit us, see our process and understand the philosophy behind the brand.