Combining old roots of <br> remedy with new routes <br>of technology Combining old roots of <br> remedy with new routes <br>of technology

Combining old roots of
remedy with new routes
of technology

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Wellness isn’t just about the absence of illness; it is a state of positive health and energy. This philosophy has its roots deeply intertwined in all our offerings. We believe in helping you navigate your illnesses in the most wholesome, natural way known to mankind, but with the edge of advanced technology. That is why our products emphasize the holism of the mind-body-spirit, using the goodness of ancient wisdom and modern science. Read more...

A question we often get asked is if our products are Ayurvedic. While our herbs and product formulations are based on the principles of Ayurveda, our extraction methods are not ancient. And that’s where the difference lies. Because that lends us the power to scale the herb’s healing capabilities to unprecedented levels. This results in a final product free of microbial loads, toxins, heavy metals, or the kind of contamination that primitive mixing methods tend to induce.

So, with Nisarga Herbs, you can achieve a state of genuine wellness that roots from the traditional medicinal practices combined with the best of new-age technology.

Products awarded US patents and frequently mentioned in publications

Ingredients trusted by international brands

Products made and tested in US FDA compliant and own facility

Proving and scaling the potential of our herbal heritage

The potential of holistic herbal healing is enormous. But the onslaught of western medicines has sidelined it. To reclaim the lost legacy of herbal medicine we put it to scientific inquiry. Below we display the never-seen-before power of herbs combined with technology, from a clinical standpoint.


View the clinical trial



View the clinical trial



View the clinical trial


Get to know about us, what we do, and how we help you from different experts

Our Origin Story

Our purpose gets sowed in our hearts

The journey started with the wish to provide farmers with effective and organic fertilizers. For this, we outsourced the raw materials at first, but soon we realized that in order to meet our standards, we had to consider another approach.

The seed germinates with life

To meet our standards, we started growing our own raw materials using organic farming techniques. And we conceived this organic approach way before 'organic farming' became a trend. Here is when Nisarga was formed.

Our idea blooms

Our ingredients soon started gaining popularity and so we started exporting them worldwide to various industries like cosmetics, fragrances, and organic fertilizers. We also worked on our patented technology with export and internal use in mind.

The flower gains eminent attention

Dr. Phadke walked into our facility thinking we were a spice manufacturer because of the aromas. He understood the technology and pointed out the potential of our patented technology in healthcare.

Our efforts bear fruit in healthcare

Dr. Phadke helped us develop formulations for clients in Europe and the USA and we soon found success in the healthcare industry.

The roots deepen in India

We finally felt confident to test our products in the Indian markets. And to our delight, they were well received.

We finally plant our seeds online

The changing times demanded we make our products available online. Thus, we built our presence on the web as Nisarga Herbs, and here we are.

Fast-acting and effective products, with the promise of natural goodness.

The difference that makes all the difference

World’s Finest Ingredients

We believe in absolute purity. That is why we grow our own herbs using 100% organic farming techniques to ensure our products are made with only the purest ingredients. This has earned us the reputation of producing the world's finest herbs - that are even imported by global brands.

Soil to Shelf Control

Our in-house teams control everything from the plantation to manufacturing to packaging processes. All our products are clinically tested and are made in a CGMP facility with cutting-edge technology.

Modern Extraction Technology

The traditional process of extracting Ayurvedic herbs is used to make two types of products - one with heavy metals that enhance absorption, and one that takes a long time to show results. To tackle this, we developed our own extraction technology. Our innovation lets us extract the best out of the herb while preserving their medicinal properties. This doesn’t just make our products more efficient, but also makes their herbal properties more bioavailable.

Meet the team
that makes our dream work
Girish Soman
(Founder, Chairman)

A Master of Technology degree holder, Girish Soman brings his technical expertise and passion for agriculture to Nisarga Biotech Group.

He is the co-inventor and co-patent holder of the NuroLight herbal blend, which has been awarded 2 US patents.

He has fine-tuned and indigenized Holistic extraction processes that have made it possible to extract the essence of herbs in the most natural form. In addition, he has been responsible for founding and leading six successful companies in the botanical industry since 1993.

Jalindar Shinde
(Founder, Chief of Operations & Agriculture)

Jalindar heads production and operations for almost all the group companies of Nisarga Biotech. His technical grounding in designing, constructing, erecting, and operating extraction equipment has been invaluable in the company’s innovations. 

Jalindar also plays a vital role in the organic farming projects of the Nisarga group, right from concept to execution. 

Dr. Shrikrishna G. Phadke
(Medical Advisor and Formulator)

Our mentor, Late Dr. S.G. Phadke was a 3rd generation Ayurvedic practitioner who owned and operated an Ayurvedic remedy production facility for decades. 

He was the co-inventor of NuroLight and co-patent holder for all patents on the product worldwide, as well as the medical Advisor for the Nisarga Biotech Group and NuAxon Bioscience Inc.

Dr. Phadke was highly respected for his contribution to Ayurveda by teaching the principles to modern doctors in the west for the last 20 years. He was awarded a lifetime achievement award in the form of the Ayurveda Fellowship with the University of New Delhi in 2014.

Dr. Arati Soman
(Ayurvedic Patient Care Advisor and Formulator, BAMS, PDCR, PDPV)

Dr. Soman is an Ayurvedic physician. Besides practicing Ayurveda and Panchakarma at her clinic in Satara, Dr. Soman conducts clinical research on plant-based ingredients at Sonark Pharmaceuticals. As a student of Dr. Phadke, she trained under him for 10 years to create modern protocols based on Ayurveda, that are effective in helping patients manage their own health. She is also a regular writer for Lokmat, Loksatta, Dainik Jagran, and HT Health Shots.