Achieve Healthy Skin and Hair This Summer: Embracing the 5 Steps of Summer Ritucharya

Skin and hair summer tips

Ritucharya contains two words “ritu” means season and “ charya “ means life style or do’s and don’ts during a particular season. Ritucharya is an ancient ayurvedic practice that enables us to strengthen our bodies physically and mentally. Ayurveda describes 6 particular ritucharyas based upon the peculiarities of the season. summer (grishma) ritucharya comprises some very unique features that helps in keeping body and the systems in a good phase. This is because sun starts pouring heat that affects the atmosphere and ultimately our bodies to squeeze out the energy. 

Summer leads to rise in temperature, increase dryness and heat in the atmosphere, water content in the body is rigorously affected. Water loss is mainly seen through perspiration which causes dehydration both internally and externally. so here are some ritucharya steps that will help your skin and hair nourish and stay healthy during summer.

1. Prefer light and liquid diet- due to increasing heat our body demands  more liquids and we must consume plenty of liquid. Rise in the temperature and unhealthy wind starts lowering your digestive fire, hence decreases its ability to digest foods that and heavy. so we should consume moderate diet. during the summer, sun starts affecting our skin and hair externally by taking out moisture content. hence prefer light, liquid and supple, diet that will help balance the doshas and alleviate all the unwanted effects on body and skin. Try to include foods that are  sweet, sour and salty to taste. plenty of liquids should be taken in the form of panaka, mantah or water from mud pots enhances water levels in the body. Drinking lots of water, different fluids like buttermilk with a pinch of salt, sugarcane juice and various fruit juices pomegranate, grapes, amla  juice with lemon and various beverages that are cold imparts cooling effect internally so also moisturizes your skin and scalp. Kokum sharbat is a very good option in correcting vitiated pitta dosha during summer season.  Drinking ‘panhas’ made out of raw mango and jaggery helps in revitalizing and energizing your senses. 

2. Eat foods that have cooling effect- foods like gulkand prepared using rose petals and sugar is an excellent ayurvedic preparation to keep yourself cool and is a powerful anti-oxidant. It helps to reduces excess heat (pitta) that has bad effect on skin and hair making them dull and brittle. Taking 1-2 tsps of gulkand with milk on empty stomach helps in alleviating all the bad effects .

Manuka or black grapes are known best to reduce effect of heat on skin and hair and keep your body hydrated. Soak dry manukas in water for couple of hour and then churn them to make a nice mantha and have it with buttermilk. you can also use figs and dates for the same.

3. Applying skin and scalp masks-ayurvedic preparation containing herbs that have a cooling effect can be used to apply on the skin externally. Lepas made out of herbs  like amla, sandalwood, sariva, neem and aloevera can hydrate you skin and make it soft. applying heena to your hair and scalp nourishes hair and works as a natural conditioner. Herbs like maka, brahmi, musta are cooling in nature and applying paste on the scalp and hair hydrated and nurtures the hair texture. Applying lepas on the body and taking a cold water bath is preferably advised to remain hydrated and moisturized during summer

4. Keep yourself cool-Try  to avoid sunrays and stay in cool and pleasant place during the day. Take a small nap during the day time as nights are shorter than day. So taking a short nap helps  to restore your energy levels. Altered sleep patterns and inadequate amount of sleep leads to stress and anxiety in the body. It starts affecting your overall health causing imbalances in the doshas. Try to stay indoors and avoid getting exposed to the sunrays as far as possible. As the harsh sunray damage your skin layer and makes your skin dull. Prefer using thin cotton clothes during summer season. Fabrics which are synthetic are responsible for increasing skin temperature and causing various skin rashes; cotton in turn is soft on the skin and also absorbs the sweat on the skin surface. Thus keeping your skin dry and fresh. using thin and light cotton clothes are comfortable enough and help in keeping body temperate low and maintained. Applying perfumes that are pleasant smelling also encourages your mood and gives a feeling of freshness.

5. Avoid eating spicy, greasy, hot and too much salty food stuffs as the cause acidity issues and vitiates Agni. Avoid taking curds without churning. Avoid consuming alcohol and packed or canned foods as they lead to burning sensation. Avoid doing strenuous exercises and too much of exertion as the body needs much energy storage. Rigorous exercises and workouts can lead to sudden depletion in water content in the body affecting overall metabolism. Exercise half of your body strength to maintain balance.

Following these tips would help in maintaining your body’s equilibrium and keeping it well toned and hydrated throughout the summer.


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Dr. Arati Soman

Dr. Arati Soman is a seasoned Ayurvedic physician and Head Formulator at Nisarga Herbs. Driven by a deep passion for Ayurveda and vast expertise, she has been instrumental in formulating medicines, diagnostic procedures, and innovative Ayurvedic treatments that are trusted globally.