5 Support Groups For Parents Of Children With Special Needs In India

5 Support Groups For Parents Of Children With Special Needs In India

Parenting a special needs child means juggling therapy sessions, taking care of schoolwork, and meeting daily needs. This busy schedule often leaves little time for socialising, which can lead to feelings of isolation. Additionally, it can be hard for others to understand your situation. However, talking to people who are in a similar situation can be comforting. Sharing your thoughts and worries with those who understand can make you feel heard and supported.

This is where support groups play an important role. They offer a safe space for parents to express themselves and learn from the experiences of other parents. We have compiled a list of support groups across India where you can connect with like-minded individuals facing similar challenges.

Nayi Disha

Nayi Disha is an organisation dedicated to supporting caregivers of children with special needs, offering invaluable parent support groups and a wealth of special needs resources. These groups cater to various conditions and age groups and are available in person and online through WhatsApp. Covering cities like Pune, Nagpur, Mumbai, and Bangalore, Nayi Disha ensures accessible support for parents across India.

SCAN (Special Child Assistance Network)

SCAN, based in Chennai, is an assistance network for parents of special needs children, providing vital resources and parent support groups. With thousands of members, their online community offers a wealth of information and emotional support. Additionally, SCAN offers co-living facilities customised for individuals with special needs above the age of 18.

Ummeed Child Development Center

Ummeed Child Development Center hosts inclusive family walk-in support groups tailored for parents of children with special needs. These groups offer a nurturing environment for parents to share experiences and seek guidance. The organisation also provides parents with a safe place to discuss problems and relieve stress. To join this invaluable organisation, you can contact Ummeed's Social Work Team at +9321466754 or email them at socialworkteam@ummeed.org.

VOICE (Voice Of Parents For Inclusion, Care & Empowerment Of Children With Special Needs)

VOICE is a dynamic organisation with over 2000 members dedicated to providing autism support for parents through online support groups, offline meet-ups, and expert workshops. Their valuable resources include a YouTube channel featuring informative videos by experts in the field.

Sethu Centre For Child Development & Family Guidance

Located in Goa, Sethu Centre offers comprehensive services for families of children with special needs, including assessments, therapies, and training. The Sethu ASD parent support group (SPSG) brings parents together to create a bright future for their children. The support group provides parents with accurate information, a safe location to express their concerns, and the opportunity to learn from the experiences of other parents. To join this invaluable resource, you can contact the Sethu team at +91-7720013749 on Tuesday – Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. 


In summary, support groups offer crucial solace and guidance to parents navigating the challenges of raising special needs children. They provide a safe space for sharing experiences, seeking advice, and finding solidarity with others facing similar journeys. The above-mentioned organisations offer invaluable resources tailored to the needs of parents across India. By connecting with these support groups, parents can find strength, community, and empowerment.

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