Oncoplus - Provides anti-oxidant and cellular support
Oncoplus - Provides anti-oxidant and cellular support
Oncoplus - Provides anti-oxidant and cellular support
Oncoplus - Provides anti-oxidant and cellular support


Provides anti-oxidant and cellular support

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  • An anti-oxidant cellular support formula specifically created for patients receiving cancer treatments
  • Restores the mental alertness and energy of the patient
  • Helps reduce nausea
  • Helps maintain healthy cellular metabolism
  • Helps in reducing cellular degeneration
  • Supports healthy immune function

The best of herbs to help you conquer cancer

Cancer is one of the most varied, complex, and widespread diseases in the world today. Cancer attacks the human immune system, weakening the mental, physical as well as emotional defenses. Our product ‘Oncoplus’ is an excellent cellular support product, made using time-tested and natural Ayurvedic herbs. It was originally created to support the quality of life for people receiving chemotherapy or radiation, although the breadth of this formula makes it ideal for anyone needing cellular support.


1 capsule twice a day with water after meals or as directed by a physician.

Made with

Ginger, Guduchi, Ashwagandha, Neem, Turmeric


Ginger is well known for its pronounced effect on gastrointestinal function. Laboratory tests have confirmed that Ginger is especially useful in preventing corrosive acid reflux. Tests have also shown that treatment with Ginger relieves ulceration of the upper digestive tract. Ginger has never been shown to react with prescription medication, it has no toxic effects and its digestive byproducts are eliminated by the liver rather than by the kidneys. It also increases cyclic AMP, which is involved in the regulatory function of every cell in the body.


Tinospora Cordifolia, known in Ayurveda as Guduchi or ‘heavenly elixir’, is a well-studied herb with specific application to supporting cellular recovery. In a laboratory study conducted on mice, this herb reduced the toxic side effects of cyclophosphamide, the main ingredient in Cytoxan, (Cytoxan is an alkylating agent and is an anti-cancer chemotherapy drug). Guduchi activates the white blood cells, known as macrophages, to form ‘colonies’ around infectious agents. The dosage of Guduchi in ‘Oncoplus’ is sufficiently active but is less than 1% of the amount that might cause constipation or interfere with the absorption of Vitamin B.


Ancient Ayurveda has long used Neem leaves to stop rashes and eruptions of the skin. Modern science has found that Neem, like Guduchi, stimulates macrophages (white blood cells) to cluster around and engulf infectious microorganisms. Neem leaves extract can help prevent stomach discomfort caused by mucus depletion or chemical irritation. According to the findings of tests conducted on animals, the low dose of Neem used in ‘Oncoplus’ can help induce relaxation and lessen sensitivity to pain.


Ayurveda uses Turmeric to support the liver and to relieve inflammation. Laboratory tests have found that turmeric is a potent antioxidant and antimutagenic, that is, it potentially helps prevent cellular mutating that may be caused by chemotherapy or radiation used to treat existing cancers.

Disclaimer - The result of the product may differ from person to person and the result is not guaranteed.

Oncoplus - Provides anti-oxidant and cellular support

Rs. 1,260.00