CSR Initiatives

Nisarga CSR initiatives

  • We have always believed in enrichment of the nature, community, society and well-being of others along with development of the company.
  • Many activities we do, revolve around having a greener approach to doing things as well as ensuring that sustainability resonates around everything we do.

Activities include :

  • solar electric and heat generation system in facility
  • Social awareness campaigns for waste disposal, plastic use
  • Providing trash bins
  • Preservation of trees and forest areas
  • Reduce plastic use
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Organic farming awareness programs
  • Regeneration of endangered plant species through sustainable cultivation
  • Plantation of fruit and other trees in surrounding areas

Solar Electricity & heat generation

30% of electricity consumed is self generated using solar power

  • The roof in Nisarga is covered with solar panels and the project was commissioned in March 2019.
  • We have produced 18,479 KWh of electricity in 3 months, equivalent to 1 month’s requirement even during monsoons.
  • Hot water requirement is fulfilled by a 3000 liter/day capacity solar water heater reducing electricity consumption even more.



Awareness campaigns for waste disposal and plastic use



Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting is accumulation and storage of rain  water for reuse onsite rather allowing it to run off.


Organic farming awareness program

Hundreds of meetings over 20 years and more that 200,000 farmers trained in organic practice so far. Nisarga provides both financial and educational resources to support their conversion to organic agriculture.


Long before the current popularity of the organic movement, our leadership has provided slow and steady support and education  for the farming families in our area.

We offer ongoing education and workshops working side by side with the farmers to support their knowledge of crop rotation, soil enrichment, vermiculture, bio-dynamic farming methods, GACPs, and cGMPs.

We are committed to supporting more farmers converting to organic agriculture.  For the health of our earth and our families and the future generations.

The growth of our herbs is not only enriching the soil, but the livelihoods of many farming families.

Nisarga offers over 100% the market value for all herbs coming from Vita and Umbari farms and from the surrounding organic farmers

Reverse migration

Working along with the NGO and with proper training, so far 7 families have moved back from Mumbai to Umbari and are increasing the agricultural      activities in the village.


Regeneration of endangered plant species

We have selected the tropical & perennial trees like Rakt Chandan (Pterocarpus santalinus) and Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna).

We are also to targeting endangered shrubs line Jyotishmati (Celastrus paniculatus), Anatmool(Hemidesmus indicus) which are native of this area and exploring the possibility for mass plantation in open field and green houses.   


Plantation of trees

5000 saplings of fruit and large trees were planted in surrounding areas near farms in 2019.



in partnership with Aveda, GGF and AWARD

  • Providing safe drinking water to each home
  • Sustaining water security
  • Kitchen gardens and nutrition improvement
  • Library formation
  • Improving livelihood(ongoing/proposed)
  • Augmenting water resources for improvement in agriculture(ongoing/proposed)

Safe drinking water for all

Women would walk 2 miles back and forth to bring potable water to their houses before this project. With Aveda’s help and community contribution, the project    was completed.



Self repair training



 Kitchen gardens and nutrition

With additional time saved due to water available at home, kitchen gardens were established to improve nutrition


Training programs for kitchen gardening

Hb checkups were done before and after the project to ensure nutrition levels had increased in the diets of local populace with positive results.


Library formation

1100 books and 2 laptops were distributed. There is improved interest in reading and learning new information in children.



Improving livelihood

Training for processing of raw materials like Turmeric, Jackfruit, Terminalia Chebula, Terminalia Belerica

  • Training population to improve livelihood via farming and collection instead of labor in the cities.


Augmenting water resources for improvement in agriculture

  • French drain collection system (to be completed in 2019)
  • HDPE pipeline from stream to village : A 4-inch, 2,200-meter pipeline (HDPE and GI) was installed. Work on this activity was completed in June 2018.The pipeline has helped irrigate an additional 20 acres of land. 14 families in Jadhav Umbari have benefited from the pipeline. The farmers are growing summer crops such as onion, garlic and vegetables along with wheat.
  • Gabions on upstream 7 completed 3 to complete in 2019
  • Farm pond under construction to be completed in 2019