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Everyday, a healthy way.

At Nisarga Herbs, we make products and supplements that use new age technologies to get the best out of herbs. Our products are a combination of fat soluble and water soluble molecules of the herb, a first in the industry. All herbs have two types of compounds, water soluble and fat soluble. Water soluble compounds are lighter and are easily excreted from the body whereas fat soluble molecules stay absorbed for a longer period in the body. The human cell wall is made of fats. It’s common knowledge that oil and water don't mix and that’s why it is difficult for our cells to absorb just the water soluble molecules from the herb. With Nisarga's revolutionary new-age technology, we use a combination of the fat soluble and water soluble molecules from the herb, making a complex of both. The fat soluble molecules help in overall absorption of the compounds in the cell, increasing bioavailability and absorption of the compounds in the herb, making them highly effective and ensuring faster results.

A common question we are often asked is if our products are Ayurvedic. The answer is both yes and no. Yes, all the herbs and formulations of our products are based on the principles of Ayurveda. In fact, we have the honour of having a master practitioner of Ayurveda who has been awarded with the lifetime achievement award by the medical community; on our advisory panel.

However, we don’t use ancient methods of extraction and formulations. We take advantage of technology to create safe, scientific formulations without microbial loads, toxins, heavy metals or the kind of contamination that primitive mixing methods tend to have.

We use safe, advanced extraction methods to get the most out of the ingredients we use. And we conduct research, clinical trials and testing on each ingredient. The rewards of this painstaking effort have been overwhelming. Our products have been awarded two US patents, mentions in leading publications and universities worldwide and the trust of international brands. All our products are made & tested in US FDA compliant and owned facilities.


What We Believe

  • Wellness isn’t just an absence of illness; it is a state of positive health and energy.
  • We believe in making a healthy, everyday life through ancient wisdom and modern science innovations.
  • The only ingredients in the herbal product should be herbs.
  • The right formulation of herbs can be as fast-acting and effective as conventional medicines, without the negative side effects associated with them.
  • Technology is an able partner to ancient Ayurveda, as it enables us to extract the holistic essence of herbs at concentrations unheard of before. It also allows us to promise safety to our users.
  • Organic isn’t just a label you put on your packaging, it is a way of life. It begins with the land you prepare for farming herbs and doesn’t end until the manufacturing process is over.
  • Our products don’t and never will contain toxins, microbial loads, heavy metals or any other kind of contamination.

    Management Team

    Girish Soman

    Board Chairman

    As founder, Board Chairman and CEO of the Nisarga Biotech Group, Girish blends his education as a Master of Technology with his passion for agriculture. Girish is the co-inventor and co-patent holder of the NuroLight herbal blend, which has been awarded 2 US patents and several international patents for the process used as well as the end product. Girish is known for his extraction equipment designs that have introduced the industry to super-premium quality plant extracts. He has fine-tuned and indigenised CO2 extraction processes that have made it possible to extract the holistic essence of herbs. Besides his role at Nisarga Herbs, Girish is also Board Chairman, NuAxon Bioscience. In addition, he has been responsible for founding and leading six successful companies in the botanical industry. The processes and extracts created by Girish are used by blue-chip companies across the world.

    Jalinder Shinde

    Board Member

    Jalindar is a founder and director of the Nisarga Biotech Group of companies. An engineer by profession, Jalindar has vast experience in handling mega-scale projects across the world. At Nisarga Herbs, Jalindar heads production and operations for almost all the group companies of Nisarga Biotech. His technical grounding in designing, constructing, erecting and operating extraction equipment has been invaluable in the company’s innovations in supercritical CO2 extraction equipment. Jalindar is also passionate about sustainable agriculture, and plays a vital role in the organic farming projects of the Nisarga group, right from concept to execution.

    Dr. Arati Soman

    Dr. Arati Soman Ayurvedic Patient Care Advisor

    Dr. Soman is an Ayurvedic physician who wears many professional hats. Besides practicing Ayurveda and Panchakarma at her clinic in Satara, Dr. Soman conducts clinical research on plant-based ingredients at Sonark Pharmaceuticals. She is also actively involved in formulating herbal medications for a range of conditions. Dr. Soman is a clinician with a degree in Ayurveda. She specialises in patient care and works with Dr. Phadke in formulating products. Her hands-on approach to patient care and achievements in creating contemporary formulations based on Ayurveda, set her work apart. She works with Dr. Phadke to create modern protocols based on Ayurveda, that are effective in helping patients manage their own health.

    Dr. Shrikrishna Phadke

    Dr. Shrikrishna Phadke Medical Advisor and Formulator

    Dr. Phadke is the co-inventor of Nurolight and co-patent holder for all patents on the product worldwide. He is also the Medical Advisor for the Nisarga Biotech Group and NuAxon Bioscience Inc. A third-generation Ayurvedic practitioner, Dr. Phadke has created and produced Ayurvedic formulations that are respected and used by some of the most respected practices, nationwide. Dr. Phadke is known and revered for his contribution to Ayurveda; he has been teaching the principles of this science to the practitioners of Allopathy across the world for the last 20 years. He was awarded a lifetime achievement award in the form of an Ayurveda Fellowship with the University of New Delhi in 2014.