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Clear Skin Set

Clear Skin Set

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This classic selection comes with our all-natural products that make for a complete skin care ritual, from cleansing to hydration. This combination nourishes the skin while fighting acne, blemishes, breakouts, and the ill-effects of pollution on the skin.

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Consciously crafted combo
  • Calendula and Gingerlily Soap (75 g)
  • Face Scrub (50 g)
  • Body Scrub (50 g)
  • Neem Capsules (60 capsules)
  • Turmeric Sweet Orange Face Oil (20 ml)
Suitable for: Acne-prone skin
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The herbal defense against skin worries

Calendula and Gingerlily Soap uses potent herbal extracts to protect the skin from environmental damage, while promoting an even tone and texture.

Exfoliate while sealing in the moisture

Balance oil production, reduce breakouts, and reveal a glowing complexion with our Face Scrub. It also helps soothe dry and irritated skin.

Get silky smooth skin

With powerful antibacterial properties and deep cleaning action, this Body Scrub leaves the skin feeling and looking its best. It reduces dullness too!

Stronger skin, inside and out

The antibacterial properties of Neem Capsules fight acne-causing bacteria from the inside out, leaving your skin smooth and clear.

Maintain skin’s oil balance, naturally

The Turmeric Sweet Orange Face Oil is a powerful Ayurvedic preparation that reduces excess oil production that can cause breakouts, while naturally hydrating the skin.
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Key ingredients
It’s what’s on the inside that matters


It is best known for its natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and healing benefits, so it's great for rashes, scratches, damaged, and inflamed skin.


It helps reduce acne-caused inflammation due to its antibacterial properties. It imparts a natural glow to the skin and diminishes fine lines.


It is great to heal skin problems such as rashes, irritation, burns, and infections with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

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The Nisarga edge

From the wonders of nature, we bring before you 100% herbal products that have their roots steeped in Ayurveda. The Ayurvedic standard of beauty has always been pure, fresh, and toxin-free. That is why, we are relentless in our efforts to manufacture products with complete soil-to-shelf control. Thereby, ensuring their quality, purity, and promise of healthy hair, skin, and body.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Roshni Verma
Healthy and Radiant Skin with Clear Skin Set

The Clear Skin Set has given me healthy and radiant skin. It has effectively tackled acne and improved my skin's texture.

Aanya Sharma
Perfect Combo for Acne-prone Skin

This Clear Skin Set is the perfect combo for acne-prone skin. It has helped me achieve clearer and healthier-looking skin.

Siddharth Singh
Gentle and Effective Skincare Routine

The Clear Skin Set has a gentle yet effective skincare routine. It has reduced breakouts and improved my skin's appearance.

Kiara Malik
Natural Skincare Delight

I'm delighted with the results of this Clear Skin Set. It has provided me with a natural solution to fight acne and blemishes.

Rohan Patel
Nourishing and Hydrating Skincare Combo

The Clear Skin Set has been nourishing and hydrating for my skin. It has helped combat breakouts and keep my skin healthy.